How to make your fortune and have fun

Making a CD is a way to raise funds for your organisation. More than that you get publicity and a permanent keep sake of a time in your life.

Having got the recording and sold copies of your performance to members and their families (these recordings make super Christmas presents within the family and friends), you can send a copy to the local radio, even national radio. You can get yourself in the local paper by say arranging a presentation to a dignitary and informing the press, or by inviting the press to the recording or cover photo-shoot.

This is a learning experience by children and adults. Find out what it is like to be recorded, the discipline of it, the sense of achievement.

The perceived value of a CD is high. Your potential customers have a vision of a CD as a top quality, high end music product. So £10 is a practical selling price. To sell 500 CDs for a band, choir or school is not difficult. Sell them at concerts, to the members and their families. At £10.00 each you would take £5000.00

Just as an example the cost of CDs for Acorn Recordings might be £2250.00, so you make a cool profit of £2750.00 for your organisation.
+ you have fun
+ you learn
+ you get publicity