The commitment of the Recording Department is to provide the same high quality recordings, and attention to detail, to both professional and amateur music market.

We are happy to work across a wide range of musical styles and our professional producers and engineers have a wide knowledge and experience of many different styles of music. Location recordings can take place anywhere in the United Kingdom or overseas, all our equipment is flightcased for easy transportation. Wherever possible we will help to find a suitable venue for the best results for your particular ensemble or programme.

All our technicians are musicians, and all our producers are engineers. This means that we can field a team of professional people who will be comfortable with your kind of music and be able to get the best out of your chosen venue. We all apply the same standards in the pursuit of excellence to every production, be that an opera or symphony for release on an International record label, or a local brass band fund-raising CD.

Similarly, the same high quality location rigs would be used to record the London Symphony Orchestra as a school concert band, and the same engineer who has just mixed the BBC Radio 2/3/4 sound will apply his skills to a local concert.

To assure you of the highest quality, we put together a complete production, through to finished product, which includes location recording, digital editing and mastering, design, print and manufacture. Whatever your requirement we can tailor a bespoke package to suit your needs