CDs we made for the NSK-RHP Ransome Band

A Ransome Note - NSK-RHP Ransome BandChristmas Fayre - NSK-RHP Ransome BandChampion Band of England Play Live - NSK-RHP Ransome BandAnother Opening - NSK-RHP Ransome Band

CDs are where it's at. They are the fully professional highest quality audio product possible. Given our digital recording and editing facilities our CDs are rated DDD, that is digital from start to finish and as good as it gets. Not only does this product sound superb, but it can include black and white and full colour printing. You can have a full colour front and rear side plus a black and white (colour at extra cost) booklet which can contain full details of the items, performers and other information such as history of the performers or pieces.

We can produce one off CDs from master tapes, but to originate the artwork for printing takes a lot of time.

At 300 off the CD is cost effective complete with all the printing described above. At 500 you would be surprised by the price and at 1000 we are giving them away! CDs have seriously arrived. As a now established technology even in these small quantities they are a superb product.

Key Benefits

1. Ultimate digital sound quality
2. Attractive printing, space for descriptive text
3. You can resell a CD at a high profit to the benefit of your organisation. This is because CDs are perceived as high quality and value products, their presentation emphasised this quality

Example Pricing

Here are some example prices. Please appreciate that as Acorn Recordings runs a 'no surprise' pricing policy these prices include copyright payments to MCPs and assume 75% of the material is in copyright. There is no VAT to pay.

Full colour front and back, one colour on CD, 4 leaf booklet. 1 day recording 2x2Hr sessions
Full colour front and back, one colour on CD, 4 leaf booklet and editing. 1 day recording 3x2Hr sessions

Table shows price per CD when the quantity at the top of the column is ordered. We would really like to provide you with a detailed quotation. There are lots of possibilities and options.