10 reasons to choose Acorn Recordings for your next recording:

1. We'll take the time to talk with you - and listen to you
We realise that some aspects of the recording procedure can be complex and we are happy to provide any advice or explanations you might need. We also believe it is important to listen carefully to what you need, expect and hope for, as only then can we begin to meet your requirements.

2. Our staff are musicians, not just technicians
All our recording staff bring to work a great love of music combined with many years of practical experience in a wide range of musical genres. Some hold music degrees and others have developed their expertise through years of work in specialised fields.

3. We don't comprimise on quality
Every recording project is completed to the highest possible technical and musical standards, even if it weans we need to work harder and longer than we charge you for, because the quality of the final result is as important to us as it is to you.

4. Your album will arrive on time
If you have an important deadline for the release of your album, and we've agreed to meet it, we'll make sure the CDs arrive on, or before, the date when you need them. (Of course this assumes that any aspects you're responsible for, such as artwork, copyright clearances and approval of test copies, are also completed to the agreed schedule!)

5. You'll be working with the latest technology
We are continually updating our facilities to offer the latest digital technology and the highest possible audio quality to all our customers.

6. We'll keep to the budget we've agreed with you
We are happy to provide firm written quotations covering every aspect of your project. Once the costs have been agreed, you won't be charged for anything extra unless you have agreed to it in advance (for example, when the requirements for the project change during the production.

7. We won't add to the tension
Recording sessions can be stressful! Our first priority is to relieve as much of the stress as we can, leaving you free to concentrate on making music and to enjoy the recording experience.

8. Your project is important to us
Whether this is your first recording or your tenth, and whether you are a major record company or an individual artist, an international star or an amateur group, it will receive the same level of priority, attention to detail and expertise.

9. Our equipment won't let you down
The equipment we use on location recordings are maintained and tested in accordance with professional audio standards and electrical safety regulations. On site, we carry spare parts, extra equipment and tools to ensure that if any technical problems occur, they dont affect the sessions.

10. Your assurance comes from our experience
We bring to each project the techniques and high standards which only the top engineers can do with many years of experience at the BBC.