Acorn Recordings is located in Wigston, Leicester UK, recording professional and amateur performances and delivering CD copies. We record at your location avoiding the cost of a studio.

To those of you who perform at, or organise, professional and amateur musical events then you are our potential customers.

What we can do for you

By making a recording of your performance/recital we can:

Help you raise money for your organisation, charity, club, church, band or choir. See Fund Raising to find out how you could make around £2750.00! At the same time we can give you, your family and your friends a memory that will last a lifetime.

Snapshot a part of your life. Our products obviously capture sound, but through the picture and text printing they can tell a story, capture a moment, record a group of friends. A front cover showing the band or a class of children is something to treasure.

Provide Publicity/Promotion. Having a CD of your music is plainly a way to advertise and promote.

Entertain and Educate. The whole process is a learning experience for most people. We love this job and will do our best to make it interesting and fun.

Tailor-made sound recording solutions... guaranteeing quality and value... from the people who listen to you

TEL/FAX : 0116 2886501
MOBILE : 07973 777371